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Create a Website for Juha T Koskinen, a contemporary composer with strong influences to Japanese traditional music. Aim of the Website is not only to show his work, but to reflect also his philosophy and the influences on his works.

Nobutaka Tokyo 2018
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Juha T Koskinen works and their compositional language interweave a very wide range of materials together. Apart from classical music, these include literature, religion and perspectives on the natural world, among others.

One of his source of admiration and inspiration is river Kiyotaki near Kyoto. River Kiyotaki is the landscape of the Buddhist Priest Myōe (1173–1232). The river appears in Myōe’s dream diary, which is a very important source for his compositions.

Based on all these, I decided to use the element of the river in my design, and to give the feeling of flow by using horizontal scrolling to browse the content. On the landing page along with the main menu bar I designed a second menu with rounded image-buttons,  inspired from his scores, that helps the visitor of the website to have a clearer and easier access to his most recent and important works.


Different samples of ‘Works’ pages for the Desktop version

Design the landing page, menu and articles for the mobile version